Allowing in the winds of change

Our theme this month has been Transformation: The Practice of Change. Change seems to be a constant in everyone’s life. From small to large, physical, social, economic, to political, sometimes change feels more like a hurricane than a gentle spring breeze. We can weather these changes and possibly even enjoy the new possibilities they open to us. It goes back again to what we touch on over and over again: attitude. Yoga helps us develop an attitude of acceptance, gratitude and resiliency for all life is and has to offer. The present and unique moments of our lives that come only once.

Let’s end our April together this week with a yoga practice (or two!). Our schedule this week is:

Monday Nite 4/24/17 6:30-8pm Hatha yoga, gentle and nurturing. Promoting a deep rest. All levels

Thursday 4/27/17 Chair yoga Workshop, first session, 3-4pm Intro to yoga and specifically chair yoga poses for those with physical limitations.Registration requested.

Thursday4/27/17 evening 5-6:15pm Hatha yoga, gentle and strengthening. All levels.

Let yoga help gently move change thru your life and body! All are welcome!

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