Small actions can have big results!

Like our friends the trees, what we do matters in the bigger scheme of things. Without the trees, whose main job is gas exchange, we would not have oxygen. We can not only thank a tree for each breath we take, but know that those trees also depend on us for their survival. Their respiration results in our ability to breath, their survival depends on our care. Small actions with big impact. Breathe.

Our yoga practice provides us the opportunity to make small adjustments in ourselves, our minds, our bodies. These small adjustment accumulate over time, leading to major shifts within us. Change happens, but it is slow. Definitely worth waiting for!

This week in yoga:

Monday Nite 6:30-8 pm Hatha class focus on balance
Thursday 3-4pm Chair Yoga work shop, second class, deepening our breathing practice and new chair poses
Thursday 5-6:15 pm Working with subtle energy in poses

Please join us for a class or two this week! Chair Yoga for this session is full. Next session will be in May. Feel free to contact me at for questions.

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