Give it all you’ve got!

This week in yoga….looking toward the sun staying with us a bit longer each day. The time change moves us just a bit closer to Spring, and we open up to new possibilities. As this month’s our theme is Risk: The practice of Daring, we contemplate moving our physical practice forward by holding poses longer, being more mindful as we evaluate our bodies after each pose, noticing our improvements in strength and balance. Even as we know our limitations today, we anticipate our expanding them tomorrow.

Join us Monday evening from 6:30-8pm for a practice focused on keeping our precious backs healthy. Ony,Thursday our first Chair Yoga Workshop begins from 3-4pm. Then our Thursday evening practice, 5-6:15 pm will include slow vinyasa with work on a new challenging pose. Bring your desire to connect with others as we explore how yoga can give us ease in the body, mind and spirit.

All are welcome! Please remember to pre-register for the Chair Yoga class (email me at, as handouts are provided and class size is limited.

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