March: The month of risk-taking

Our theme for the month is the practice of daring:risk-taking. For the yogi, each practice is an act of risk. We come to our practice in our unique body, in a unique state of mind and spirit, to move in challenging ways. Our balance maybe off, our mind wildly criticizing, our spirit unsettled, but we try. We risk.We return. We continue.

Yoga practice offers us a sample of personal risk-taking. For some students, just showing up for class is a risk. Even those who have an active practice, progress in their practice only comes with risk. That does not mean putting ourself in harm’s way. It means knowing all our capacities in that moment; physical, mental and spiritual. Then, moving, challenging ourself, in an appropriate way for that day.

Monday evening will be our only practice this week. It’s the first Monday of the month, so Yin is our style. Please join us from 6:30-8 pm at the UU Church of Fresno. All our welcome! There is no Thursday March 9 practice. Our Thursday evening practice will resume next week March 16!

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