Falling Awake: Enlightenment

In reading about the life of the Buddha, one may get the impression that his enlightenment “just happened” as he sat under the Bodhi tree. As if, “Poof”, now you are an enlightened being. I think I held this idea for a long time, feeling that I must be failing on my spiritual path because “I’m not there yet”. I have come to realize that enlightenment comes in moments of our life, not necessarily a static state.

Our yoga practice provides “time away” from our busy lives to “fall awake”. That is, to but aside our minds that are so busy with planning, analyzing, critiquing ourselves. During our practice time, we can more easily focus our attention on what our body and mind is doing/experiencing, as we elevate our spirit. That is what “falling awake” means. When we are in savasana at the end of our practice, we are invited to fall awake into our body and mind as we incorporate the practice.

This week’s classes, Monday 2/27 and Thursday 3/2, will provide us the space to work on this connection. Our Thursday evening class will combine a Yin and Yang practice. Monday’s class is still in the works, at this writing. Remember there is an upcoming Chair yoga workshop March 16-April 6 (Thursdays from 3-4pm) that requires registration. Contact me at sarayuyoga@gmail.com for questions or registration.

Looking forward to seeing you at one or both of this week’s classes at the UU Church of Fresno, on Alluvial!

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