Yoga not only provides us with guidelines for our physical/spiritual health, but also provides us with a format for living in our world. These are called the Yamas and Niyamas. There are 5 of each. Yamas guide us in our active living, Niyamas in more internal activities. I chose svadyaya to explore now as looking at my own feelings and responses to this week’s events. How do I move forward now? How do I handle the bombardment of information that I may not find fits into my values? What are my values? How do I contribute to positive change in the world? What if?

While I am slowly integrating “what is”, I ponder “what if”. I can impact “what is” thru my “what if”? What am I going to do, say, express thru my support and my time? This is what self-study helps us define. Meditation time can provide the opportunity to look inside and help us find our “what ifs”. Being more comfortable in our body thru asana practice, frees us up to spend our time in activities that may require stamina. What are your “what ifs”? Can you sit and listen/study yourself to find out.

You will have several opportunities to practice with other yogis this week.

Monday 6:30-8 pm Hatha/Ananda practice
Thursday 3-4 pm Chair Yoga (#4 in the workshop series
Thursday 5-6:15 pm Hatha/Ananda practice

Please join us! This is the last of our Chair Yoga Workshop series. Next Chair Yoga Workshop will be in March/April. You can contact me thru with questions about up coming workshops.

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