Welcome 2017 !

Open the door of your mind and spirit! Let in the light and the love of the New Year. It is up to us to create what we want in our lives and in our world. Turn down the volume of the negativity and turn up the volume of your love.

We will start our new year with our regular first Monday nite Yin practice. We meet Monday, January 2 from 6:30-8pm at the UU Church of Fresno. This year brings us another Hatha yoga practice on every Thursday evening and Chair Yoga Workshops throughout the year. January 5 starts off our first Chair Yoga Workshop (Thursdays Jan.5-26, 3-4pm, by registration) and our first Thursday evening (5-6:15pm) practice. Thank you to the UU Church for supporting our practices!!!

Yin yoga is a wonderful way to finish off our holiday season and bring us into the present for our new year. Please join us!

Every week on Thursdays(beginning 1/5) from 5-6:15 pm a second hatha yoga class will also be offered. Monday nite will continue as is. This second class will be similar in intensity to the Monday nite class. No registration is required. Both offerings are donation only (suggested donation is $3) which is given to the UU Church.

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