Soft front, strong back? Our Back care practice!

There is a Buddhist saying that in order to bring lovingkindness into the world, we should have a soft front (open heart) and a strong back (able to help others carry the load).This speaks to both our emotional and physical strength. Meditation helps us craft our emotional life, our asana practice with our physical life. Both are integral for our health and the love we can bring into the world.

Join us for a practice that is directed at poses for the health and function of our back on Monday, December 12 from 6:30-8pm at the UU Church of Fresno. This is a practice that we focus on once a calendar quarter!

Beginning January 5, 2017, there will be two more yoga classes available to you! On Thursdays from January 5- January 26 from 3-4pm a Chair Yoga class will be offered as a workshop class. The class is limited to 10 participants.If you have a family member who wants to do yoga, but is limited by inability to get on and off the floor,they may be interested. Email me ( for questions or to register.

Every week on Thursdays(beginning 1/5) from 5-6:15 pm a second hatha yoga class will also be offered. Monday nite will continue as is. This second class will be similar in intensity to the Monday nite class. No registration is required. Both offerings are donation only (suggested donation is $3) which is given to the UU Church.

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