Life imitating monthly theme?!


Imagine my surprise when I slowed myself down enough to figure out that this month’s theme- The practice of getting lost- was what I have been experiencing the last few weeks! Even a yoga teacher needs time to “stop, look and listen”. Going from an active life of work, teaching yoga, etc., to a state of career retirement, has been a surprising experience. I have been preparing for this time for years (the financial part), but only recently came to preparing for the emotional/spiritual aspects. The feelings I am having now remind me of my last son’s 16th birthday, when I realized he would be leaving in two short years. “Better get ready”, I advised myself. So I prepared the best I could, but still cried a river of tears when I dropped him off at college. So my lesson here has been prepare and then be open to the feelings that will engulf you anyway.

So what have I been practicing during this time? Lots of meditation,yoga postures, silence, reading, being in nature and listening. I can see that this transition will take time to fully embrace, but I am ready! I hope each of you can take some time this month, during our practice together or on your own, to listen to your inner guide. He/she may let you get lost a bit, but will also guide you back to your center.

Please join us for an Ananda inspired practice this Monday, June 13 from 6:30 to 8pm at the UU Church of Fresno. If we get lost in our practice, we’ll find our way back together!

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