Imagining our path


We’ve come to our last practice of January.By now, those who have made “resolutions” for the New Year have had time to evaluate how they are proceeding….or are open to modifying their goals.The end of January heralds the inkling that Spring is on her way and that we, like the seasons, are slowly changing. Yoga provides us with time and tools to observe the directions we are headed and the acceptance to alter the course if needed. If our yoga practice can grow,in balance, strength, and focus, so can our internal resolve to direct our lives.

This week, we will have an Ananda inspired practice, including the Ananda focus on directing our energy. Just like the Energization exercises of last week, feeling the energy in our body from a yoga practice can (at first) require imagination. Keeping ourselves open to possibilities is how I hope we come to our time together!

Please join us on Monday 1/25 from 6:30-8 pm at the UU Church of Fresno for our weekly practice. You will find supportive and welcoming yoga students who laugh, breath and find the joy of community!

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