Where does your imagination take you?

dream it do it

Our dreams and our imaginations are a powerful force in our lives. They are like our mantras, guiding our consciousness toward the situations we want for ourselves, the positivity that can guide us. I remember when I was planning on going to nursing school years ago, I was told to imagine myself a nurse. To get nursing magazines, hang out with nurses, learn the lingo, etc. So I did. I learned a lot before I accomplished my goal and I felt more comfortable in my nursing life when my dream became a reality. I did the same when I dreamed of becoming a yoga teacher years later. I sent my energy in the direction of my desires.
No matter our age, we dream, we imagine and we become. This is part of what keeps our spirits young. Never stop dreaming,imagining, working toward what you wish to see in your life. In our yoga practice, we can see this in the new yogi who feels he/she isn’t flexible enough, strong enough. Six months later, the same yogi has accomplished increased flexibility and is now working on their balance. And so it goes. Each new focus in their practice brings improved mental and physical health.
Join us this Monday nite, 1/18 from 6:30-8pm as we come together to exercise our bodies and our imaginations. We will spend some time with the Energization Exercises of Parmahansa Yogananda. Learning this set of movements can challenge your imagination! We meet at the UU Church of Fresno!

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