Mantras for transitions


Do you have your own mantra? That’s just a short, personal phrase that you say to yourself silently. A mantra, since it is personal, is the positive direction we wish our mind to take. Sometimes, a mantra can be helpful in a stressful situation, used to relax and reorient our mind when needed or just a little”home” you carry with you. I recently read a book where a young man related his experience of physical pain required him to handle the pain until medical intervention was available. He used his mantra,” (in-breath)Only (out-breath) now”. Very simple. It brought him to the space between the in and the out breath where he was able to manage his pain.

Ananda yoga provides us with mantras for each asana that can help bring that focus to our practice. They are wonderful, but perhaps you have your own mantra to use during each pose. It can be the same mantra over and over, or one of that Ananda mantras that speaks to you. More importantly, mantra’s are about focus, calm and inner peace. Try it!

Our practice this week 8/24, will be an Ananda inspired practice. The weather is warm and a relaxing practice can be just what we need. We begin at 6:30, end at 8pm. Wear light clothing and bring water! See you then!

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