Mythology and Ideas


As a kid and a young teen in school, I was fascinated when we studied Greek and Roman mythology. I loved the stories that helped the western ancients explain and understand their world. These stories made their experience more real to me.Then, when I discovered yoga as an adult, I found how the eastern ancients described and understood their world thru mythology as well. The eastern ancients also used their bodies as the expression of their myths in order to bring their sacred stories into everyday life. They named yoga poses (asanas) after the deities of their myths and today we have their stories both in the written word and in physical expression of yoga. This week’s practice will include learning the mythology behind Markatasna, monkey pose twist.

This week our Monday nite practice (August 17) will include many poses to promote better sleep. Join us from 6:30-8pm at the UU Church of Fresno. I have added a link for new yogis (on the right) that can provide some guidance on yoga etiquette that may help you thru your first classes!

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