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Good Bye March!

Published on March 28, 2015

And, to do something well, requires patience and perseverance. This month, we have focused on developing patience thru our yoga practice and meditation. Certainly, five weeks of focus on patience won’t make complete smooth sailing when it comes to demonstrating this virtue day to day. It is said that it takes about 12 weeks of […]

Ananda practice for developing patience

Published on March 21, 2015

I wondering if realizing this truth can help us foster the patience we desire? Our practice this week will be Ananda inspired(look to the right of the screen under Navigate for more on Ananda Yoga). This means that we move slowly in and out of poses, hold the pose for awhile and rest between each […]

How can reducing stress increase patience?

Published on March 15, 2015

Human life has always been full of stress. As the centuries have passed, the type of stressors we experienced have change, but the detrimental effects on our systems have increased. In days past, the stress of physical harm from something in the environment was followed by periods of calm. Now, the stressors we experience aren’t […]

Finding patience to deal with our physical problems……

Published on March 8, 2015

Many people, myself included, came to doing yoga for its physical benefits. Yoga does work to strengthen, stretch and promote balance, but it doesn’t do so quickly. This can cause disappointment for those who want rapid results. Yoga fits in as a consistent part of a lifestyle plan focusing on overall health. In our Western […]