How can reducing stress increase patience?


Human life has always been full of stress. As the centuries have passed, the type of stressors we experienced have change, but the detrimental effects on our systems have increased. In days past, the stress of physical harm from something in the environment was followed by periods of calm. Now, the stressors we experience aren’t the jaws of a tiger, but the constant insidious push to get more done, have more, accelerate our lives. We want to have what we are being told we need or will make us happy and when we fall short of these goals, stress is the result. Working with our stress level can help us see what we truly need to be happy (as opposed to what we are being told we need) promoting within us calm, and then, patience. When you are changing your way of handling stress in a world that thrives on stress, it takes intention and daily effort.

Our weekly yoga practice provides us with a respite in a world full of stress. Carrying our practice forward into a more regular home practice, will only increase the benefits. But developing this new habit, new focus, takes patience. Join us as, together, we encourage, envision and practice a new way of handling stress. We meet on Monday March, 16th, from 6:30-8PM at the UU Church of Fresno on Alluvial. We will use the techniques that yoga provides us to help manage our stress and move ever closer to practicing patience in our lives.

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