Intention: more than just a thought.

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I have been giving the idea of intention and magnetism a lot of thought lately. I was fortunate to be able to go on retreat this week where both these concepts came into play for me. My last retreat was in August, which seems like light years ago. At that time, I made the intention to take a retreat again in six months. Having no idea how this would happen, I proceeded living life as usual with no particular plan in mind of how I would make the next 6 month retreat happen. I am a very “plan-ful” person, so my normal style would be to make reservations, plan for taking time off from work, pre-paying, etc. But this time, a job change came at exactly the time to make my retreats(almost to the day) six months apart. I believe that I set the intention that these planned breaks were important for me and the magnetism of this intention set circumstances into action. This magnetism is enhanced by directing our energy in the direction we wish to go. This is really the essence of Ananda yoga.

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