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Last Practice for 2013! Welcome 2014!

Published on December 28, 2013

A good goal for 2014? I know it is for me! I truly admire those who move slowly and purposefully thru life. I feel like I am often in hyperspace, moving beyond the speed of light in thought and action. Yoga has helped me slow down, yet in my daily life I still find myself […]

I’m back! Let’s take care of your back!

Published on December 21, 2013

It’s time to focus on our backs again! Yoga offers help to those who struggle with chronic back pain as well as those who have back pain once in awhile. Monday nite we will have a practice focused on a set of 17 poses that as a group, seem to have a positive effect on […]

Last minute notice! No class this week!

Published on December 15, 2013

So sorry to cancel this week but I have been set back with a nasty GI bug. We will miss our Winter Solstice practice, but I will make it up to you next weeK. See you Monday 12/23/13 regular time!

It’s cold! Let’s move!

Published on December 7, 2013

During our practices, we experience all sorts of asanas. Some are challenging, some not so much. Each of us gets out of our practice, whatever it is that we need that day from our practice. Cumulatively, a yoga practice can impact our bodies in the ways this visual indicates( you can click on it to […]

Published on December 1, 2013

Change is inevitable. Some change is so slow that it is imperceptible, but it is occurring. Other changes we experience, are so abrupt and so undeniable, that we are taken aback. We really don’t have choices in all the changes in our lives, but we do do have choices about how yoga can change us. […]