Bragging Rights!


So, I don’t do this often, but I can’t help it in this case. Both of my sons are runners, the oldest rather new to the passion, the younger, addicted since high school. This year, we watched the younger run his first Boston Marathon. The events of that day need not be repeated here. His finishing time in Boston was 3:00:16. His goal that day was to finish in under 3 hours. He missed it by 18 seconds.

Yesterday, in his new home town of Chicago, he met his goal, finishing the Chicago Marathon in 2:57:29. I know his watch says 27 seconds(official times not in at this writing), so we aren’t sure about the seconds. No matter, he took at least 2 minutes 45 seconds off his time. Needless to say, joy reigned in our household! Way to dominate, Steve!!!

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