Yin and the mind


We often think about savasana as the time to quite the mind during our practice. While it is, our entire practice presents us the opportunity to begin this practice. The eight limb path of yoga calls this pratyahara and dharna. These two limbs help us withdraw our senses and then focus our concentration. Our tool for these two limbs is pranayama, our breath. Once again, we come back to the breath and how important it is in connecting the mind and body together.
On Monday nite, April 1, our yoga class will be a Yin yoga practice. This style of practice will provide the opportunity to practice pranayama, pratyahara and dharna. Please join us at the UU Church of Fresno On Alluvial from 6:30-8pm. If Yin is new to you, scan the right side bar and click on the information on yin.

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