Joyous Mind, Joyous Heart!


I believe that we all have inner peace within our reach. That is not to say, “I am happy all time”. But it is to say that during those times when life isn’t so good, within us is a peace that trandsends. A joyous mind and heart. Happiness, I think, is measured through the external world we find ourself in, with it’s times of having things go right and having things go wrong. The inner peace I am referring to is that set point inside to which we can purposefully reset, our true selves, allowing us to move gracefully thru life.
Coming into this inner peace is what yoga is about. It doesn’t happen without effort. Come and join others on this path to inner peace and peaceful movement this Monday, March 11 from 6:30-8 pm at the UU church of Fresno.

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