Challenges and Gains….saying goodbye to 2012


The time has come to let 2012 go and move our momentum into 2013. Reflecting on the year that has past gives us the opportunity to bring light into the next year. Yet, we talk alot about living in the now. Do do that, we need to honor the past and prepare for the future, without dwelling on them. The past is our teacher and the future is our mother. The Now is ours alone. I hope you make each Now in 2013 a time of light, peace and gift of your heart.

Come practice with our yoga group on New Years Eve, December 31,2012 as we move through a practice focused on bringing us more emotional health. It is an Ananda practice that can help us to restore our connection to the positive in each of us. We meet from 6:30-8 pm at The UU Church of Fresno on Alluvial.

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