Come as you are!

Yoga has become quite popular. Along with that popularity comes the consumer focus on the “yoga stuff”. It is hard not to notice and sometimes even feel the pressure. Do I have the right clothes? The right mat? My hope for my yoga students is not to be concerned about the trappings. To be more concerned about the doing and feeling. Certainly, there is nothing wrong with having the “right” equipment or clothes to make the doing more pleasurable (read “more comfortable”), but that should not trump the doing (the intention). Sweats and a beach towel work just fine!
Not to worry about mats and such as they are provided for you at our Monday nite class. We meet at the UU Church of Fresno on Alluvial in Clovis.Remember the class is donation only. That means, don’t feel obligated! Come at 6:30 pm. We practice until 8pm.

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