Turn off the NOISE!

Yoga calls “turning off the noise” pratyahara. Pratyahara is about withdrawing the senses from the external environment. Finding the quiet. Not so easy for some of us to do. Working with mind chatter is tough and the stimulating environment doesn’t help. You have to be very purposeful in turning off the iPod, the TV, the radio or whatever your distraction is. Of course we live in the world and because of that, we are not always in control of what goes on around us. But we can find time each day to turn off the world and its distractions and enjoy the peace and silence.

On Monday April 23 from 6:30-8pm come and join our yoga class for a bit of pratyahara and movement. Our class will focus on back care. We meet at the UU Church of Fresno on Alluvial in the sanctuary. Ahhhh the quite!!

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