Spring Equinox

I have always been fascinated by how our current yearly holidays/celebrations correlate with ancient traditions. The modern world seems to forget to mention the history of our holidays. When you look for these answers, it comes down to honoring nature and the flow of the seasons. Nature is all around us at all moments, but often we are more concerned with our electronics or other things. We miss the subtle the changes in the sunrise, sunset, blossoms, flowers, even the change in the weeds that grow. Slowing yourself down so we become aware, appreciative, in the moment, is the gift our yoga practice can give us.

Our yoga group has been given the on going gift of practicing at the UU Church of Fresno, in Clovis. The grounds of the church is a wonderful place to stop and find a corner of nature to connect with. Come to class early and walk the grounds or find a bench to sit for a moment. Our practice begins at 6:30 on Monday nite March 19th. The daylight savings time adds a little day light to enjoy!

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