First Monday Yin

The first Monday of each month we devote our practice to a style of yoga called Yin. If you search this blog you can find detailed information on Yin Yoga and what makes it unique.

Personally, I like Yin yoga. I find that some folks do and others don’t. I think this depends a good deal on why you practice yoga. Our regular practice would be classified as a gentle practice, moving slowly and allowing for time in each pose. This is a “yin” attitude: cool, soft, yielding. A “yang” attitude is warm, hard, demanding (of our body). I would say that our group practices generally with a yin attitude, doing a yang practice. This week, we’ll be yin in both our attitude and practice. Come and see what I mean!
We meet each Monday nite from 6:30-8pm at the UU CHurch of Fresno in Clovis on Alluvial Ave. Wear comfortable, loose clothing. Equipment is provided!

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