What do you see?

My son recently sent me this cartoon. It’s humor and message gave me pause this past week as a discussion has been whipping thru the yoga community. An article in the NY Times entitled, “How yoga can wreck your body” is the source of this debate. I have been closely following the conversation. My point in bringing it to your attention is that I feel it presents an opportunity for each of us to think about our own perspectives on the practice of yoga. How we come to our practice is very individual. By that I am referring to whether it is a purely physical practice or includes the spiritual components. However your practice fits into your life, your physical safety is tantamount. Those of you who practice with me know I am a “safety nag”. I am in teaching yoga for the long haul and desire yoga practice for my students for the long haul as well. In order to accomplish this, we must honor the unique qualities and limitations of our bodies.
Whether you see your practice as a 3 or 4, come join us for our community practice on January 16, 2012 at the UU Church of Fresno. The church is located on Alluvial in Clovis and we meet from 6:30-8pm each Monday nite. A 3 or a 4, you are welcomed!

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