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Listening to your life

Published on October 27, 2011

How is it that you listen to your life? Do you meditate, take time to yourself to reflect (as in a retreat), pray, spend time in nature? There is so much wisdom available to us if can take this time to listen. Yoga offers us techniques that can assist us on our journey of listening. […]

The Traveling Yogini

Published on October 18, 2011

This has been a year of traveling for me, which means it has also been a year of visiting yoga studios. Traveling provides me the opportunity to sample other styles of yoga, meet fellow yogis, and enhance my own practice.This year I have attended classes at Yoga to the People in Berkeley, Ca. (see previous […]

Calling all yogis!

Published on October 13, 2011

Monday evening, October 17, 2011 there will be our regular yoga practice at the UU Church of Fresno on Alluvial in Clovis from 6:30-8pm. Wear comfortable clothes and bring a desire to nourish your body, mind and spirit! All are welcomed!

Achieving our goal

Published on October 6, 2011

In yoga, we aren’t so much focused on goals, more on intention. I think we in the West relate more to the word goal than intention. Perhaps that is one thing we could change and benefit societally from that change. I see those two words as Yin (intention) and Yang (goal). Soft vs hard. Our […]