Dhyana: Become absorbed and dissolve!

We are back to the last two of the eight limbs of yoga. Dhyana is the place where subject and object dissolve and become one. Think about it this way: we begin our journey toward samahdi (integration, our final step) with leading a ethical life thru yamas and niyamas. Then we move into asana practice. After asana practice we withdraw our senses (in savasana) and proceed to a state of meditation. Now when we get to meditation, that’s when our “work” begins. The mind is more difficult to train than the body (at least in my experience!). The last four steps on the path may be the most difficult!

On Monday, July 11 from 6:30-8pm at the UU Church in Fresno on East Alluvial. It will be our first practice in July, so it will be a yin practice. Hope to see you then.
The guy above is a good example of dhyana!

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