Travel Yoga

When we travel, I like to find a local yoga studio and take a class. I find that to a great degree, yoga is yoga. There are variations, of course from studio to studio, teacher training and the style of the studio, but in general, people are open, warm and excited to have a visitor.
This weekend we traveled to Berkeley, Ca. and I attended a class in a studio that has a very distinctive feature. That is, it is donation only. There are no set fees (except if you need to borrow a mat or purchase a bottle of water). What is amazing is that they rent a space on a busy street in a place in California not known for its low rent. It is called Yoga to the People. Their mission is to make yoga accessible to as many people as possible. They teach a power yoga that was conceived by Bryan Kest from Santa Monica, Ca. I would have to say that they are reaching alot of people, as there were 50 yogis in the class I attended.
I do want to say something about the accessibility. In my opinion, accessibility is not just about the cost of the class and frequency of classes. It’s about everyone feeling capable of doing yoga. I think very few of my yoga students would have felt that this class was accessible to them. I think some would walk away feeling that yoga was only for the fit and young (neither of which I am. I am experienced and know my limits!).
So I commend Yoga to the People for their concept. I would challenge them to take the accessibility factor to another level and have classes for people who are not incredibly fit or young. These individuals are the People too.

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