Samtosha is the niyama that teaches contentment. Contentment may have a bad rap as some see it as “settling for things as they are and not making progress”. There is a lot to be said for progress which comes, at times, at a great expense. Being content is our practice doesn’t negate progress, it merely accepts what we have attained.

I know that I have had some “wow” moments in my practice when I realize that I am expressing a pose in a way I never have before. These moments come unexpectedly and over time. They are precious, as are the hours of practice that have lead to them.
Try to find that contentment in you practice and stay with it. I think that you too will find some “wow” moments that lend you into the contentment of knowing you are doing the right thing for your body and spirit.

Even though this is a three day weekend for many, we will still have our Monday nite practice, February 22 at 6:30-8pm at the UU Church of Fresno. Bring along a calm and content spirit!

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