Brahmacharya ….means what?

If you Google this word, you are likely to find it’s traditional meaning. As with all of yoga, applying this ancient yama to our 21st century life requires some consideration. Celibacy as a way of life in our times is not viewed in the same manner as it was long ago. Certainly yoga is not implying that you live a celibate life style. But instead, think of celibacy in terms of intentional control of your life force (this includes but is not limited to sexual energy), and you can see an application for brahmacharya on the mat.
Controlling our life force has to do with how we conserve and purposefully direct our energy in our lives. Instead of watching that TV program, we spend 30 minutes doing yoga. Watching the use of our muscles and learning to relax them during our practice, this is brahmacharya. Many times during our practice I say,”Feel the energy and direct it toward the spine”. Brahmacharya. It may seem like rather odd idea at first. As your focus and practice, you will feel the benefits in your body and in your life. The “force” is not just for Luke!

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