What does Asteya, non-stealing, have to do with yoga?

The next yama is non-stealing, asteya. What does this have to do with our practice on the mat?

To understand this, let’s think of some of the reasons people steal. Grant it, there are many, but one attitude that we may have is that there “isn’t enough to go around”. And taking it one step further, maybe we won’t get back in direct proportion to what we give. So asteya is not just about not taking from one another, but also about not being greedy or hoarding.

During our practice, we focus on energy. This energy is manifested in how we perform our asanas. When we don’t work to our full capacity (hold back), we are shorting ourselves of our potential (energy). Each pose gives the energy you need to do it, that day, for you. It may be different tomorrow. Give yourself, your energy, to each pose as you also practice ahimsa and satya and you will find your practice evolving to fit your needs at that moment.

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