Using/trusting your intuition: Sixth Chakra

I have always called my intuition “my spider senses”. When I feel I am getting intuitive messages I’ll say “My spider senses are tingling”. Over my lifetime I have learned to listen and trust these tinglings as they accurate. That takes awhile of trial and error, but now, I seek them out when I am in a situation I am unsure of. Little did I know that this is my sixth chakra energy. Of course, there is more to the sixth chakra. Here are a few highlights:

Ajna means knowing, austerity, perception center.

Location= area between the eye brows. “Third Eye”. Energy enters thru the medulla oblongata in the brain stem and “blossoms” outward from the Third Eye.

Color= Indigo Blue

Element= beyond elements, light, spiritual vision.” Seeing beyond the physical”.

Positive qualities= attunement, radiant joy, solution consciousness.

Negative qualities= overly intellectual, coldly rational.

Excessive energy manifests as headaches, hallucinations, nitemares, difficulty concentrating.

Deficient energy manifests as poor memory, eye and sinus problems, inability to visualize.

Musical key = F

Symbol is a white circle with yantra, surrounded by two luminous lotus petals.

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