Moving upward: the fifth chakra, Vishudda

We have moved past the midway point, the fourth chakra, that marks our movement toward the universal mind.
The first three chakras focus our attention on our earthly energies, the fourth with the energy link of our heart and now we move into our spiritual realm. Here are the basics about the fifth chakra:
Vishudda means purity, pure or purification.
Location base of the cervical spine, throat area in the front body.
Element Sound or ether
Physical Attributes speech, hearing, neck, throat, vocal chords, all oral communication.
Musical Note
E flat
Chant Hum
Positive qualities
Expansive, deep calmness, silence
Negative qualities Restless, spacey, bored, mercurial, worldly longing.
White circle (lunar circle pure cosmic sound)surrounded by 16 purple grey petals

The energy of the fifth chakra speaks of our individual creativity and coming into comfort with who we are. This requires us to find our authentic voice. In order to do that, we often have to come out of our comfort zone and question our beliefs. Are they our own or are we mimicking what the tribe (first chakra) has told us to believe?
As we spend time in this chakra, take time to come into your own creativity. Creativity doesn’t equal artistic ability in this sense. Think more on the lines of your personal expression of your life. What is it that is unique to you?

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