Balancing the heart: Anahata Chakra

Author David Pond (Chakras for Beginners) tells us that the move from the third to the fourth chakra is an entire paradigm shift. While all chakra energies can reflect in our physical health, the fourth chakra starts our climb from the physical to the spiritual. The goal of this chakra is experience love or at least a “harmonious connection” that erases the distance between yourself and everything else. Maybe you are making the connection between this chakra and the Buddhist teachings of oneness and non-attachment.

Meaning: unstruck or uhurt. The point where the spiritual decends into the physical. Free from constraints.
Location: Dorsal area, heart, mid-chest.
Color: green or pink
Element: Air
Physical influences: heart, lungs, diaphragm, circulation, hands and arms. Diseases include heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma, lung diseases.
Musical Note: D
Positive attributes: devotion, love, compassion, generosity
Negative attributes: Attachment, repulsion, emotions out of control.

Symbol meaning: Green-gray star (two triangles intersecting, a hexagram) symbolizing harmony, surrounded by 12 petals each representing a Sanskrit sound.

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