Manipura Chakra: your jewels

As we move up the astral spine, we come to the third chakra, manipura. Man means jewel, pur means city. City of jewels. What jewels? Your personal power, self-esteem, enthusiasm for life, self-control. Located in the area of your solar plexus, this energy influences organs of digestion and assimilation (this covers alot of area in our bodies!) and the middle back.
The yantra, a bright red triangle surrounded by a ten petal lotus of deep blue. These symbols represent the fiery nature of this chakra. The blue lotus petals representing the hottest part of the fire.
Practice for the third chakra focuses on strengthening your physical and emotional core.
Consider the words of Swami Satyananda Saraswati,

In the same way the sun continually radiates energy to the planets, manipura chakra radiates and distributes pranic energy throughout the entire human framework”.

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