Yoga: A personal experience

Each of us place value and meaning to everything. I challenge you this week, rather than learning a new pose, instead, to think about why you are drawn to yoga. I clearly remember my first yoga class with my teacher Cindy. She asked me what I wanted from my yoga practice. I knew that I had come seeking physical relief from a bothersome neck/shoulder issue. But what popped out of my mouth next was unexpected, even to me. I said I came to find more spirituality in my life. I think my classmates thought me a bit looney. Cindy didn’t. And she has encouraged me on every step of my yoga journey.
So while I will tell you that yoga isn’t a religion, because it isn’t, I will tell you that it is what ties together my spiritual life. It took me a long time to find yoga, but it is here within me to stay. I have found the physical benefits that I sought, then and on-going. Everyday I discover more about how to live my life in a manner that fits with the essence of my core values.
While at my Yoga teacher training, a friend and fellow student (now teacher, but always a teacher), Jewel, wrote this poem as part of one of our assignments. I think you’ll enjoy it as you too ponder this week “Why Yoga?” (Thanks Jewel. Click on the orange.)
Jewel What Is Yoga

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