A Salute to the Sun

Our practice last nite included a pose that is really a series of poses linked together. Called Suyra Namaskar (Sun Salute) it is practice within a pose. A each of us struggle with time (“when can I fit in a yoga practice?”), creativity (” I just don’t know what poses to do!”) and balance (“I want to stretch everything!”), this may be the answer you are looking for.

There are many versions of this pose. I would encourage you to learn one simple version first, then then get more variety as you desire. Remember that in yoga we balance our practice on both sides of the body, so one full sun salute is done on both sides.

A sequence of poses linked together in a flow is termed vinyasa. There is also a style of yoga called Vinyasa, which presumably links al the poses together as if in a dance. In Ananda Yoga, the sun salute is honored but not overly utilized. For Ananda practitioners, energy flow is best appreciated in the moments between poses, which requires complete relaxation. In sun salute, the practitioner focuses on breath and the next pose while in the current pose, which doesn’t lend to relaxation! With time and practice, Suyra Namaskar can become a slow, meditative flow. Maybe it is what you have been looking for!

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