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Warrior Series

Published on March 30, 2010

I know that most of you are not as much of a yoga nerd as I am. Even so, you may find it interesting to know that the the Warrior series (Warrior I,II,III) is not from the yoga of antiquity. In the 1920’s, Krishnamachacrya developed this series. He is strongly credited as the founder of […]


Published on March 27, 2010

Meet Percy! He is part of our family in Chicago. He is here with his prayer wheel to remind you of Monday nite Yoga at the UU Church of Fresno. Its from 6:30-8 pm, 3/29. Bring your mat and a blanket if you have one! Namaste!

A yogi’s best friend: downward facing dog

Published on March 23, 2010

Here is another asana to add to your practice, down dog. Down dog is a great resting pose. As you build strength in your arms and stretch out your hamstrings, you’ll begin to see that aspect of it. Meanwhile, you’ll get a giggle every time you see your dog do this stretch in the morning. […]

March 22 Yoga Class

Published on March 20, 2010

See you for Monday nite yoga at the UU Church from 6:30-8 pm!

Tricky Trikonasana

Published on March 16, 2010

As we continue with asana options for your home practice, we come to Trikonasana, Triangle pose. Yes it is tricky and yes, mastering it can bring many benefits. See if it fits with your practice. Triangle Pose “Energy and joy flood my body cells! Joy descends to me!” Tri-ko-naa-sa-na Trikona = triangle (tri = three/ […]

How’s your memory?

Published on March 13, 2010

Our focus on Monday nite 3/15/2010 (The Ides of March!) yoga class is improving our memory. See you at the UU Church of Fresno from 6:30-8pm. Hope we can all remember!!

Developing your Practice

Published on March 9, 2010

Last nite, Yin Yoga was introduced to the Monday nite class. The process of developing your own practice comes with time and exploration. Even if all you have time for on a particular day is a down-dog or a child’s pose, that’s the beginning of your practice. Here is your pose for the week, Garudasana […]

Monday Nite Yoga!

Published on March 6, 2010

Just a reminder that we’ll be doing Yin Yoga this Monday 3/8/2010. If you have a blanket, you might find having an extra blanket helpful. As always, I will provide some blankets that the early birds tend to get to first! I’ll have extra mats for padding, as Yin is a mostly floor practice. We […]

Yin, Yang and a new pose

Published on March 2, 2010

Next Monday, March 8, 2010, our Monday nite yoga group will learn about Yin yoga. Here’s what Wikapedia says about Yin: ” Yin yoga, so named because of its correspondence to the Taoist concept of yin, is a very distinct style of Chinese yoga similar to hatha yoga that stretches the connective tissue (joints) rather […]