The Namaste Express: Maiden Voyage of Sarayu Yoga

In preparation of the first class of Sarayu yoga, the gathering of the equipment was essential. Many of the students for Monday nite’s class are beginners and I encouraged them not to run out and spend money on yoga equipment until they knew what to purchase. Hence, Sarayu is providing mats, blankets and straps. Then of course there are other things that are required: music, eye bags, release forms, kleenex, etc. Whoa! All of this needs to fit in a little car and be transported from the parking lot to the classroom. My sweet husband devised this method. My back thanks him in advance!

2 Responses to “The Namaste Express: Maiden Voyage of Sarayu Yoga”

  1. rob Says:

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    Nice nice! Necessity is the mama of invention. Looks like you can haul a ton of stuff with that setup. Hats off to Rick.

    How did the class go?

  2. Jen Says:

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    Thanks! Hopefully, I won’t have to haul for too long! My class is tomorrow nite so I’ll keep you posted! Love you!M