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Published on November 29, 2009

The Happy Graduates!

Published on November 24, 2009

I would like to introduce the Fall 2009 graduates of the YTT at Ananda Yoga! Can you feel the relief?

It’s all over, except the written test!

Published on November 20, 2009

It seems so hard to believe that the month is coming to a close and it is time to go back into, as they say here, “the matrix”. I have completed all requirements, except the written test which is tomorrow. I am sure I’ll be fine. Everyone will be fine. I have decided to take […]

Ten days left:YTT

Published on November 11, 2009

Made it past the big hurdle of presenting an asana (pose) to the class while it was video taped. Afterward, there was an extensive dissection of your “performance”. The poses were given by a random draw. I got a very easy pose (standing backward bend). Even so, alot was expected of each of us. Had […]

YTT, Week 2

Published on November 3, 2009

I didn’t even have a minute to post last week, the first week of training. The reading and classes took up every non-sleeping moment. Week 2 is also full, but I found a few minutes to come up for air. I knew that this program was going to have a spiritual component. I didn’t bargain […]