Ten days left:YTT

Made it past the big hurdle of presenting an asana (pose) to the class while it was video taped. Afterward, there was an extensive dissection of your “performance”. The poses were given by a random draw. I got a very easy pose (standing backward bend). Even so, alot was expected of each of us. Had to get beyond looking at my squishy belly, etc. and see how I present to people. I have done this before with didactic teaching, but not with movement. That adds a new layer.
So, soon this training will be done. I will re-enter the real world. I haven’t left the grounds since I got here, although I could as I have a car. I appreciate the time I have had to go inward a bit, as I lead a very outward life. I also more full appreciate that I live where I do which provides me the soul time I need to remain grounded ( read “sane”). The challenge after leaving here will not be as much teaching yoga as keeping the inner peace I have gained through this experience.

Ananda's version of Standing Backward Bend

Ananda's version of Standing Backward Bend

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  1. kristin rohan Says:

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    Congrats MOG1 – it seems like you are having an amazing time at YTT and I know it will make you into a fantastic teacher and guide. Though you are already aces in my book.

    Good luck this week – I send my good energy to you – love you very much,