YTT, Week 2

I didn’t even have a minute to post last week, the first week of training. The reading and classes took up every non-sleeping moment. Week 2 is also full, but I found a few minutes to come up for air.
I knew that this program was going to have a spiritual component. I didn’t bargain for how deep it would be. I am seeing how a community of people live by their values in peace and mutual cooperation. It is a wonderful example of a co-housing community.
Meanwhile, I am learning more about yoga than I thought was possible. I am grateful for my meager teaching experience. That phase of the program isn’t as overwhelming for me.
Meditation is the central part of Raja yoga, theory behind the Hatha yoga practice. Unlike many mediation traditions, Ananda doesn’t leave you out in the cold as to how to meditate. Everything is explained and you are guided.
I look forward to getting back home and sharing what I have learned. I have even forgotten about the fact that I haven’t had milk, meat or any junk snacks in two weeks. Don’t even seem to miss them. Ummmmm….images2990_l

4 Responses to “YTT, Week 2”

  1. Rob Says:

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    Wow, that place looks awesome 🙂 I am glad you’re having a good time- you deserve it!

  2. Jen Says:

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    Thanks Leena. you would love the place too..except maybe the yoga! M

  3. kristin rohan Says:

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    Hello MOG1 – thanks for posting a few thoughts and the gorgeous pictures. I’m glad this is a good experience for you. You do deserve this awesome opportunity – even if it is hard work and stretching you – literally and figuratively.

    I can’t imagine you being even more amazing than you are but seems like this will do it.

    Love you and hope to skype soon – xoxo,

  4. Jen Says:

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    Hey there! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.It has really been an experience I can’t quite put into words. Each day, there is something new inside and out.
    Hoping I can Skype with you guys this weekend. I’ll look for you on line on Saturday. MOG1