Rounding the bend, third quarter wrap up

It’s been six months from March 7, 2009. That’s when the life of my family took a new direction. It seems to me that nothing is as it was before that day. That is not to say that many things aren’t in better shape, others still in a state of confusion. All in all when I reflect on all that needed to be done after Dad’s death, Mom and the rest of the family are in pretty good shape.
I still am wrestling with the increased responsibility that the last six months has brought to me. I continue to learn, make mistakes, try to fix those mistakes and press on. I am getting used to the new routine of caring for my Mom. Also seeing her in the light of being like my child, more than my parent. I still am looking for the balance of my needs and her needs. Easier to do when you are a young parent dealing with your own children rather than a middle aged/senior (?) person trying to re-learn putting some priority to your own life/needs. Somehow, when I was younger having what I believed was a long life ahead of me, putting off what I might want/need was easier to do. Less resentment. Now, I know I have less time left to do what it is I want to do.
With the beginning of the last quarter of a tough year, I am hopeful.573-gardensafe.mi_embedded.prod_affiliate.8

2 Responses to “Rounding the bend, third quarter wrap up”

  1. kristin rohan Says:

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    Hello MOG1 – you put everything in perspective so beautifully. I’ve seen you handle so much this year with poise, acceptance and true beauty. You don’t look anything like that funny picture.

    I love you,

  2. Jen Says:

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    Sometimes we all have the googly eyes! I can’t be tripping with the need to protect my ankle! Thanks my love! MOG1