What takes 9 months to come to completion? Well yes, a human life, but also the healing of my fracture. After the prerequisite time to heal a fracture (@ 3 months), my ankle didn’t “knit”. Introduce a little device called a bone stimulator (Exogen 4000 by Smith and Nephew) and 16 more weeks of healing aid by this technology. On Sept. 4 it was exactly 9 months since my fall and the last day of the bone stimulator. Today, I walked the track at my old pace for two miles without pain. Yeah! As I am writing, I am icing the ankle just in case I over did. But I can’t express how liberating it felt to do what I used to do and how grateful I am.
As I look back at my post ” A year of going 55″, little did I know that my slowing down would be mostly imposed by forces outside myself. I won’t predict what this next year will be like….I may be what I ask for in ways I don’t intend! On to 56.

2 Responses to “BE HEALED!”

  1. kristin rohan Says:

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    Horray MOG1 – so glad to know you are getting better. I’m sure you are happy to feel like yourself again. Your blog is my inspiration & validation to live a healthy & well life.

    Thanks for sharing so much – I love you lots!

  2. Jen Says:

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    You are just so special to me! I am so glad Rob had some good sense! MOG1