A “goodbye” to another old friend

In 1972, my parents purchased 648 S. Oakland and made it the family home. I never lived in this house, but my sisters and brother grew up here. It was a bargain in 1972 due to the condition of the home ( a circa 1908 craftsman style farm house). Some improvements were done over the next 37 years. Not enough to put the property in contention with it’s surrounding neighbors for “home of the year”.
As of this past Tuesday, the torch has been passed to a new owner. With time, energy, creativity and hopefully love, this house will be renewed. Maybe it will finally fit in with the rest of the wonderful neighborhood. My best wishes to the new buyers. I can’t wait to see the results!

2 Responses to “A “goodbye” to another old friend”

  1. kristin rohan Says:

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    Hey MOG1 – congrats on your hard work with the house. You may not have lived there, but you sure have done a lot to help your family with it.

    I’ve seen you work magic with so many things – so many new adventures for you in the last few years. You’ve done all of it with grace, care & diligence. What a great example you are to me.

    Love you!

  2. Jen Says:

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    Thanks Ms. Kristin! Glad to know you are home safely after your BIG adventure! We loved having you and Ed here. Please come back SOON! MOG1