Quarterly Report

Here we are at the end of the first quarter of 2009. This year of living simply has become something far different than I expected. The last three weeks has been a blur. My ankle healing became back seat to taking care of my Mom and Dad’s funeral and their living trust. It has been of time of sadness, frustration, team work, learning about Alzheimer’s, meeting people (including relatives) that I’ve never met or know very little, making difficult decisions….and I could go on. Many funny and wonderful moments, of course. I think of my Mom looking at my son and his wife and asking “Who are the giants”?. My Mom looking at me very perplexed at the burial when she was presented with a folded American flag by a Navy representative and asking, ” What do I do with this”?
When you clean out your parent’s house, you may find alot of things you wish you hadn’t….written word, diaries, letters. A glimpse into a 56 year old marriage that confirms what you knew about it. More sadness.
Mom is settled now and beginning her adjustment to her new home. I continue to rummage thru papers and ruminate on what I should do and hope I made good decisions. Simple living continues with an unexpected twist, real life.

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