Ode to Das Boot Revised

It is time to say a fond farewell and thanks to my temporary friend, Das Boot. We have been together for only 6 weeks, but it seems like a lifetime. We have been thru some tough times and some fun times, but really mostly tough ones. It has been a time for appreciating the large and small annoyances of being mobility challenged. As they say, you never really understand someone until you walk a mile in their moccasins. Well, I didn’t walk, but rolled and crawled and hopped and scooted more than a mile over the past weeks. I have learned alot and I hope, will move forward with a finer appreciation of others. I found strangers to be unbelievably kind and helpful. One suggestion I would make in retrospect is if offered, take a Handicap placard. It is tough getting around in parking lots when you have to park far from the entrance! Thanks for the memories!
PS I went to the orthopod today and I have the honor of wearing Das Boot for 4 more weeks! My premature excitement got to me! I am walking, but with the boot. Seems we get to be together for awhile yet!

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