Doing the speed limit this coming year!

A Tollhouse summer treat!This will be my 55th year. I always get a bit introspective right before my birthday. I guess it is an evaluation, planning, course correction time of the year for me. Most of us need to slow our driving down to 55 mph. This reminds me that I too am slowing down in many ways. Driving 55 mph saves gas. Being 55 years old and going forward, I am reminded of conserving my own energy and directing it in even more meaningful ways.
“They” say it takes about 3 months to integrate a new habit (good or bad) into our life. Awareness is the first step to changing in ourselves those habits or ways of being that may not be the best for us. As I begin my journey at 55, tank full, I anticipate a year of learning, sight seeing and health.

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