In the Buddhist tradition, illusion is the state all of us are in until a time we awaken. I think about this concept more than ever as I watch my Mother with Alzheimer’s struggle with persistent fixed delusions. She has several major delusions and a few minor ones. They dominate her interactions. Actually, they are her interactions. Dealing with them as the non-Alzheimer’s person, is tiring, sad and frustrating.
But that leads me back to the illusions of our lives, of my life. My Mom’s delusions are scary, sad, emotional. She cries. My daily illusions are the experiences that at some point, if I develop Alzheimer’s, may lead to my own delusions. In listening and identifying her delusions (demons?), I have been given a window into what has happened to her during her life and how she processed those experiences. I work daily on awakening thru my mediation and mindfulness in personal interaction. I struggle with my illusions as my Mother struggles with her delusions. We are not so unalike in that.

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